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Natural Home Cleaning: Kitchen
July 1, 2020
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19 cleaning hacks for your home that professional cleaners use every day

19 cleaning hacks for your home title image

Professional cleaners specialise in getting rid of that kind of dirt you don’t see- until it’s gone!

We’ve thought through all the tips, tricks and techniques we’ve been using over the past 20 plus years to bring you the most unusual, the most effective and the simplest.

With so much experience behind us, you know these recommendations are all tried and battle tested. Working in a variety of people’s homes, our cleaning techniques will banish dirt without damaging your home with overly harsh chemicals. With over 20 years in the business, we wouldn't keep our happy customers if we didn't know those cleaning techniques that make the difference between having a clean home and keeping one!

Here’s our top tips for finding and removing that stubborn dirt you might not catch with a quick once over: 

  1. Cleaning efficiently as just as important as cleaning effectively when you’re a pro. Divide your jobs and organise your approach. Get everything that needs to soak first - (like spraying the shower walls and toilet) and then go clean somewhere else.
  1. Run a microfiber cloth around skirting boards every time you clean - you’ll immediately notice how your house goes from feeling clean enough to professionally cleaned!
  1. Soak the filter for your vent hood in hot water and Borax substitute to make it shine again. We were amazed when we tried out this tutorial.
  1. Clean the buildup off of your faucets and shower head by tying a plastic bag full of warm white vinegar around it and leaving it overnight. For a larger shower head you might need a zip tie to keep it extra secure.
  1. Stick to the classics with oven cleaner- baking soda and vinegar is super effective, kinder to the environment and doesn't leave a powerful smell in our clients homes. Kitchn has (as ever) a very easy to follow guide here
  2. Clean doormats thoroughly and regularly to cut down the amount of dirt dragged in and remove any lingering musty smells.
  1. Use a lemon wedge and baking soda to scrub your wooden cutting boards, butcher blocks - even the kitchen sink! Sprinkle the area with baking soda and use the wedge of lemon like a sponge to scrub away built up grime
  1. Clean the bin and you’ll notice the whole room smelling fresher. Liberally apply a toilet cleaner, soak, scrub, soak in hot water and then rinse.
  1. Spray white vinegar on the carpet, sprinkle baking powder (yes, we are obsessed with the stuff) and vacuum up after 10-15 minutes. There's also a guide for using a carpet cleaner here.
  1. Use Bar Keepers Friend to get stubborn grease off of the bottom of your pans- you can pick this up online or in supermarkets fairly easily, but cream of tartar and water works if you can’t find Bar Keepers Friend.
  1. The best way to dust drapes is to whack them with a hand towel- a towel this size is heavy enough to make a good impact, but light enough that your arm won't tire! The special attachment on your hoover doesn’t get in those nooks and crannies nearly as effectively as the old fashioned way.
  1. Clean kitchen grout as often as you clean grout in shower. It seems simple, but you’d be amazed at the difference to the overall ‘clean’ feeling this overlooked task makes!
  1. Microwave a bowl of lemon juice and hot water for a few minutes and then wipe down the inside of the microwave. This steams off the caked in grime and leaves it smelling fresh.
  1. Struggling when you dust lampshades? Try using a lint roller for the job instead.
  1. Clean up stains on your microfiber couches. Saturate the area with rubbing alcohol and scrub with a white (not coloured!) sponge. Then when the area is dry use a clean white scrubbing brush to soften up the area. Full tutorial here
  1. Deep clean your mattress- liberally sprinkle with baking soda, rub into mattress, hoover after one hour.
  1. Clean blinds by simply securing some microfiber cloths to kitchen tongs with a few rubber bands. This way you don't have to remember where you put that special blind cleaning gadget you bought (and to keep on top of cleaning the microfiber attachment.)
  1. This tip is a real old classic- rub a shelled walnut on wood scratches to mask the damage! See how here
  1. Finally, used canned air to clean vents. You won’t find this stuff in the cleaning section- its for cleaning keyboards and computer parts, but it works wonders on dislodging dust from any tight space!If the dust is very stubborn cover a butter knife with a microfiber cloth and slide it along the vents. Most importantly, don't get the dust wet, even if it's tempting. You’ll only end up moving around a grimy sludge. Yuck
We hoped you’ve found these tips useful! Do you have any favourite tried and tested go to's? We’d love to hear about them- just drop us a message. As a quick bonus, check out this cleaning hack video we found online! That’s a hack we haven't been brave enough to try, but please let us know if any of you have. (and if this list has left you feeling inspired to clean, but you don’t quite have the time - don’t worry, you can find your local daily poppins branch and book in online )

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