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Regular domestic cleaning

To make a booking for a regular cleaning service please use the form below to fill in your contact details and select the type of clean required, you will then be passed to PayPal to process your secure payment.

For a one off cleaning service please click here.

Please enter your full postcode

Type of Regular Clean:

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Clean Frequency:
Preferred Arrival Time:

(i.e. choose option 9:00/11:00 & we could arrive at 9:05 or 10:45)


Saturday / Sunday at special request please contact us to make a request!

Bookings made within 72 hrs will be confirmed by the local office in the case of no availability customers will be offered a service on the next available day.

Access to property:

(i.e. choose option 9:00/11:00 & we could arrive at 9:05 or 10:45)

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Clean Time per Session: 0:00hrs
Cost per clean £0.00
Total Cost for your first two cleans £0.00

The cost above represents the cost of two cleaning sessions. Regular cleaning prices are set lower than One Off Cleaning prices on the basis that at least four cleans will be provided.

PayPal Payment

*Details for regular cleaning services

*Description for regular cleaning as follows:
De-cobwebbing of ceilings and ledges followed by a general dust of all exposed* surfaces and a vacuum throughout mopping hard floor surfaces were necessary. Cleaning of all exposed* surfaces in the Kitchen and bathroom areas i.e toilets, baths, shower screens, shelving and cabinets. More thorough cleaning to include skirting boards, painted wood surfaces light switches and sockets etc to be done on a rotational basis by indicating the preferred area's on a pre-printed form left each visit by your cleaning team.
*where a surface has lots of items such as books, dvd's etc we will dust the exposed area rather than remove all the items unless advise otherwise.

All of the above is subject to the service time allowing everything to be completed, once the cleaning team has been they will leave an advisory as how the call went so that you are kept up to date each visit, ultimately the service time booked is yours so you can dictate the way in which we clean your home each visit using the pre-printed form your cleaning team will leave for you.

Your cleaning team will arrive with all the equipment and cleaning products to provide you with a high quality cleaning service. We only use top brand name products whilst cleaning your home which contain NO BLEACH so as not to cause any damage to your soft furnishings etc.. We also have a range on BIO KLEEN products which are 100% environmentally friendly which can be used throughout your home if requested.

Our cleaning teams are uniformed, fully insured whilst in your home and arrive in sign written vehicles, if a parking permit is required to park at your property please advise your local office prior to our arrival.

*Description for regular cleaning plus ironing as follows:
As above except the service time is divided into 3 parts 2 parts applied towards cleaning and 1 part applied towards your ironing basket, we ask to use your iron and ironing board. If there are any priority items please leave instructions on the pre-printed form we will supply you in advance for each visit along with any instructions regarding putting iron garments away.

Please ensure your iron is in good working order and free of limescale for us to achieve the best results.

*All of the above are meant as a guide only. In all cases our staff will need a list of priorities to work to and will aim to cover as much of your list as the time allows, you may need to book additional service time to complete the tasks you have requested to standard that is acceptable. for more info please see our terms and conditions. Click here