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Develop a successful and enjoyable business franchise with Daily Poppins

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From its humble beginnings in Reading in the late 1990′s, Daily Poppins Reading blossomed into a territory turning over the equivalent of £1 million.*

Since then, the company has evolved into a major franchisor of cleaning services operating in a £3 billion UK market which continues to grow year on year.But despite, our excellent growth and astonishing success cleaning over 25000 homes per week, we currently help less than 0.1% of UK households – truly, there are many, many more households to be cleaned!

For you to consider setting up any business, sustainability is key and our market will only continue to get bigger and bigger. Let us look at a few of the reasons.

  • Working mothers

A study published by the Office for National Statistics shows that the number of working mothers has soared to record levels with a large majority including those with young children now going out to work. Overall, the number of working mothers is up by almost 800,000 to 5.3 million since 1996. More and more people are increasingly becoming cash rich, time poor.

  • Elderly

10 million people in the UK are over 65 years old with the latest projections that there will be 5 ½ million more elderly people in 15 years time. Within this total, the number of very old people grows even faster. There are currently three million people aged more than 80 years and this is projected to almost double. With one-in-six of the UK population currently aged 65 and over and the removal of public funding for cleaning together with children unable to clean parent’s homes, the requirement for Daily Poppins will only grow.

  • Societal changes

It has become generally accepted that more and more people are seeking a work-life balance. While they increasingly work longer hours or travel further to work, the desire to use their free time cleaning their home is becoming less and less. Finding a reliable and professional home cleaning service helps make life more enjoyable.

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*using todays hourly rates