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Clean type details

Mini Clean*
A suggested guide line of time required for a general dust of all exposed surfaces, remove cobwebs, to wipe clean kitchen surfaces, clean bathroom surfaces, shower screens, toilets, shine taps, vacuum and mop were necessary throughout your property. Customer to provide a list of priorities for us to work to, so that if we run short of time it would be the least important part of the service not completed.

Midi Clean*
As above however we have allotted slightly longer session of time which depending on your property may allow for a more thorough clean to include cleaning tasks such as all skirting boards, kitchen cupboard fronts, light switches and sockets as well as pulling furnishings out where possible to clean underneath and behind.

Maxi Clean*
As above however we have allotted an even longer session of time which depending on your property may allow for additional cleaning tasks such as insides of external windows, insides of kitchen cupboards, fridges, dish washers etc.

End of Tenancy / Moving Out Cleaning*
As above however we have allotted more service time to tackle what's generally needed for an end of tenancy/moving out clean. Landlords requirements do differ so you will need to ensure the cleaning team are aware of any specific requirements you or your landlord may have so that the time booked can be re-assessed to allow enough service time to complete all of your tasks.

*All of the above are meant as a guide only. In all cases our staff will need a list of priorities to work to and will aim to cover as much of your list as the time allows, you may need to book additional service time to complete the tasks you have requested to standard that is acceptable. for more info please see our terms and conditions. Click here