With a Daily Poppins franchise, you can build a successful and reliable business with no previous experience in cleaning, management or self-employment. We offer a proven business model that provides the chance for flexible working and managing your business from home.

Through using our proven business model that has brought success to nearly 60 territories nationwide, you will follow a clear path with plenty of support and training along the way to ensure that your dreams of running your own business become a reality.

Make use of our nationally recognised brand

Join our network of franchisees and make use of a memorable brand that captures attention.

When the first Daily Poppins sign written vehicle left the dealership, it was only minutes before we had our first telephone enquiry from a customer that assumed we were a nationwide operation! You might have noticed that our name sounds like a very well-known classic movie, and it this name that will resonate with your Daily Poppins franchise customers and build trust.

You will be reassured to know that we have come a long way since then. From humble beginnings in Reading in the late 1990s, Daily Poppins blossomed into a business that was turning over the equivalent of £1 million at today’s rates in this territory alone.

The same formula used to make Daily Poppins Reading a success is now available to you through our Daily Poppins Franchises, and it is one that has led to strong results, as shown by the way Daily Poppns has evolved into a major franchisor of cleaning services.



Access to our bespoke software and essential tech

Our incredibly efficient system can be run entirely from the iPad that we provide as part of the franchise package. Our system has been designed to minimise business admin and free up time to do more important things, and it gives you the chance to enjoy flexible working and the freedom of basing your business from home.


Full training and mentoring

To assist you in reaching your full potential, we provide you with full training that follows a structured path to success. This includes:

  • Training in the field with an existing franchisee on all aspects of the Home Cleaning business
  • Mentoring from a Franchise Support Manager through group meetings, one-to-one sessions, training workshops, and ongoing coaching.


Advanced Business Support

Additionally, you will receive third party assistance in areas such as employment law, finance and more. Not to mention our Franchise Intranet that makes a wealth of information instantly available to you whenever it is required.


A wealth of experience to draw upon

With decades of experience from across the entire franchise network, you can rest assured that all the support you need will be made available to make your business a success. More importantly, by using our proven business model and bespoke systems, you will be well on your way to achieving that all important work-life balance.



With a Daily Poppins Franchise, you will be able to run your business and offer your customers a service that is truly different from any of our competitors.

Our approach relies on making sure that we provide customers with the confidence that they are in control of their booking. To achieve this, we have developed bespoke software, which is complemented by a range of unique services, that allow you to easily and flexibly meet the needs of your customers.

We are the only company where customers can book a regular or one-off service, pay and subsequently amend their bookings online or through their mobile.

Our one-of-a-kind app for customers is available to download from the App Store or Google Play store. The app empowers customers with the ability to manage their bookings around the clock. They will be able to move, cancel, or add a service all from within the app.

And for the first time, your customers will be fully in control and able to send messages in real-time to the cleaning team. After the service is complete, they will receive a notification or email to let them know what work has been carried out.

Through the app, customers can also provide you with valuable feedback that you can use to monitor your team’s performance and optimise the cleaning experience for your customers. Keeping them coming back for more. Time and time again.

Your Daily Poppins’s staff will be equipped with a tablet that comes pre-installed with the Daily Poppins app for staff. The app has been designed to keep you informed on essential information you need to run your business effectively whilst keeping administration work to a minimum.

The day’s schedule of work is automatically synced between your diary and distributed to your teams via their tablet.

The app will assist your teams with planning their workload in a way that also keeps you and your customers up-to-date on their progress. Our transparent approach addresses common industry concerns that customers might have about staff cutting time. With our exclusive Daily Poppins app for staff, your customers will be left feeling satisfied, confident, and in the know about their cleaning service.

This means happier and more loyal customers for your business.

The diary system is linked to both the Daily Poppins app for staff and app for customers, which means time needed for day to day business admin is cut to a minimum.

Our diary system can quickly provide you with numbers on your total sales, regular clients, one off clients, as well as your average hourly rates, which keeps your finger on the pulse of your business.

Time spent on the telephone, managing existing bookings, and keeping track of payroll is made easy by customers and staff being able to use our custom Daily Poppins apps to fulfil most of their day to day needs.

The diary has a simple to navigate interface and provides you with vital information about your business at a glance, and arrows show you in real-time whether performance is going up or down. It is so easy to use that it can be run entirely from the iPad we provide as part of the Daily Poppins Franchise package.






If you are looking to become a Daily Poppins franchise owner, the first step is choosing from one of our available territories. Territories are based on their location and socio-demographic profiles rather than solely on population, which means your territory will be brimming with potential for growth and success.

While Daily Poppins is one of the largest UK owned domestic cleaning franchise with around 60 territories currently franchised, there are over 200 territories still available in the UK and Ireland.

We currently operate in a £3 billion UK market, and it is one that continues to grow year on year. But despite our excellent growth, astonishing success, and cleaning over 20,000 homes per week, we currently help less than 0.1% of UK households. There are many, many more households to be cleaned! It is very likely that there are territories available near you.

As a Daily Poppins franchisee, you will have your own dedicated and protected territory giving your cleaning teams the right to access thousands of potential homes and businesses.


From time to time, we will have already established and successful territories that are waiting for new owners like you. We currently have resale opportunities in the following areas:

  • no reseal areas are currently available.


For further information about a Daily Poppins franchise or just to chat in more detail please use to the form below to fill out your details and a member of the Daily Poppins team will get in touch.

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