How keeping your house clean benefits your mental health – Don’t brush it under the carpet!

How keeping your house clean benefits your mental health – Don’t brush it under the carpet!

Whether you’re prone to neat piles of dust or an all-out mess, chances are your home is a reflection of your lifestyle and your mental health. A messy house can make you feel overwhelmed, lonely and resentful, while a clean one can energize you and make you more connected to the world around you. In this article, we’ll take a look at the origins of this correlation between cleanliness and mental health and examine why staying organized can actually be good for you. Why cleanliness matters

The healthier your physical space is, the healthier your mental space will be. Lack of order can almost certainly lead to a cluttered mind and cause you to feel disorganized and distracted. A messy home can make it difficult to think clearly or focus on the task at hand. Since a messy house is likely to have a messy mind, it’s important for you to make sure that everything around you is neat and tidy if you want your mind to be as well.

Some quick tips for keeping your house clean:

• Have you ever got home and get like your overwhelmed with things to do. Often this can be your subconscious pointing out various items and objects lying around your house in the wrong place or needing attention. Eliminate clutter from your home as often as possible, and keep only things that are necessary or hold sentimental value.

• Have a good system in place for putting away items when you’re finished with them. Having specific locations for different items is almost turning your home into a catalogue. Having a system like this place allows you to know straight away where something is leaving anxiety out the door.

• Follow a daily routine that includes cleaning (but only a little bit at a time). For example, if you make your morning coffee, take out the garbage after you finish. Creating daily routines for cleaning and for other chores will help keep your house organized and your mind less cluttered.

• Get some exercise every day by doing household chores, or even just by walking around your house every once in a while. Exercise can make you feel more energized, less stressed and more capable of tackling bigger tasks. It’s often underlooked how important doing cognitive exercise such as cleaning is for your mental health. A study reveals that adults who participate in daily physical activity have a 20% to 30% lower risk of depression and dementia. Additionally, physical activity may reduce the chances that people who aren’t suffering from dementia will experience cognitive decline.

• Don’t allow messes to build up for too long. If you wait until you have a huge pile of clutter before cleaning, it will be even harder for you to get motivated. Start small and keep going from there!

In general, try to treat your home as if it were an extension of yourself.